About Kent Wood Photography

Kent Wood
American, b. 1953

I earned my degree in bio-medical photography from Rochester Institute of Technology with additional course work in scientific illustration. In 1979 I certified as one of 419 Registered Biological Photographers in the United States.  Microscopy is a specialty using my Zeiss photomicroscope to produce light micrographs.  My father was a histo-tech, a professional who made microscope slides for pathologists.  He gave me my first microscope when I was ten.

My photographs are published world wide and my publication credits are extensive including a LIFE cover. (Please view my Publication List Page in the upper right of my home page)  Clients include Xerox, Disney, The Nature Conservancy, National Geographic Society, W. L. Gore and the American Museum of Natural History. (Please see my Published Portfolio under Portfolios in the header on my home page for examples)  My science photos have been exhibited around the world in two traveling exhibitions.

My career spans an incredible evolution in photography.  I began with large format 4 x 5 press cameras at Los Alamos National Laboratory, learning from pros who never used a light meter.  I photographed through the 35mm revolution into digital.  I will use any camera and imaging process to attain the photograph I envision whether it be a 8 x 10 view camera , photomicroscope or a digital camera embedded in a cell phone for it is the image that matters.